The Linton Flying Club trilogy

BOOK REVIEW, with Prudence.

“Learning to fly” by Howard Martin is a unique book and a definite contender for the ‘must read’ book list. With the winter evenings drawing in this book has the power to lift the spirits.

The story is set within a Flying Club and is a balanced mixture between Roger, the main character’s passion for learning how to fly and the wonderful interactions between him and the other characters of the story. One finds a little compassion for Alison, Roger’s rather domineering wife as she struggles to come to terms with Roger’s passion for flying. But it is easy to see why, once a member of the flying club, Roger’s attention turn to the feisty Mandy and the companionship of fellow club members. Just the ingredients which ensues there will be trouble ahead.

The story moves forward at a fast pace through realistic, often comical and sometimes risqué dialogue but don’t be misled. The comedy writing associated with this story is pure genius and a remake of the innuendo, the much missed comedy writing of yesterday for there are no crude words. It’s up to the reader to make interpretation as they so wish. Go on give it a read especially you out there with a whacky sense of humour. ©

The Fuddler October 2020