The Linton Flying Club trilogy

About the author

I had a fascination with radio from a very early age and became a self-taught radio ham at the age of 14. I also always wanted to learn to fly. To provide the money for flying, I started a radio communication company at age 20 and have spent my life providing radio communication solutions for all sorts of businesses and organisations. I also spent 21 years as a Private Pilot flying around Europe, and as a member of flying clubs.

During my school days, I enjoyed reading comics, and as I grew up I laughed at Benny Hill, Carry On films and the various sit-coms that had everyone rolling in the aisles. Then came the scourge of political correctness and killed humour stone dead. Today on TV, most things billed as comedy aren't in the least bit funny.

The trilogy is loosely based on that 21 years of experience being a pilot and a member of flying clubs. The fun, humour and lust in flying clubs is brought to life in this funny but very Un-PC novel. It was originally written as a traditional (i.e. funny) six-part TV comedy. However, when it failed to interest any of the mostly 'woke' TV producers out there, I decided to rewrite it into a book. It was so well received that it gave me heart to continue and write another two.

In my first book, 'Learning to Fly', Roger wants to fulfill his lifetime dream of learning to fly. His father left him some money in his will for that express purpose. Unfortunately, Alison his domineering and frigid wife, has other ideas. She wants to use it to build an extension on their house so her mother can come and live with them. Roger goes for flying lessons and hits it off with Mandy, the club's receptionist. An incident with a stuck transmit button whilst discussing female anatomy with the flying instructor, brings Roger to everyone's attention due to the Air Traffic recording of the incident being distributed to all club members mobile phones.

In my second book, 'Going Solo' , Roger continues his lessons and his affair with Mandy. The bar is taken over by a gay couple that brings a strange exhibit with them. A 'Cabinet of Curiosities'. Roger and Mandy's spouses start having clandestine meetings and a day trip to Jersey is upset by fog and thunderstorms.

In the third and last book of the trilogy, Roger is reaching the end of his training, but Alison is divorcing him and is hell-bent on making his life as difficult as possible. On his qualifying cross-country flight he is surprised that his noteriety has spread far and wide when an airfield comes out to meet him, with everyone playing the ATC recording out loud on their phones. A flight to Gibraltar provides some relief, but he and Mandy get a nasty shock on their return. Will Roger finally become a pilot and what becomes of his affair with Mandy?