The Linton Flying Club trilogy

Main Characters

Roger is our hero. He's always wanted to learn to fly and his father left him some money in his will for that express purpose.

Alison is Roger's wife. She is a domineering and frigid woman, which may account for Roger being frustrated. She wants to use the flying money to build an extension to their house so her mother can come and live with them. Roger hates her mum who is both cantankerous and smells of piss.

Mandy is the flying club receptionist who takes an immediate shine to Roger. Known in the club as 'Randy Mandy', she has a husband who is clearly not up to the job.

Mike is the chief flying instructor at the club. He has an unfortunate way of speaking that makes him sound more like a train spotter.

Guy is the club's resident DJ. He doesn't usually have much luck with the ladies and is jealous of other's sex lives. Drives Mandy mad with his constant piss-taking. He also a Prince Charles impersonator.

Prince Charles Impersonator website

George is an older pilot who takes Roger under his wing.

Steve is also a pilot and George's mate. Tight-fisted, he can usually be found hiding in the toilet when it's his round.

Sandy is a first officer for Sleazyjet who quite fancies Roger, if only she can get him out of Mandy's clutches.

Kyle is a steward on Sandy's crew. He also rather fancies Roger and has an endless supply of bawdy stories to amuse him with.